VIDEO - Shepherds in Jordan Valley

Greet Brauwers, Raf Custers

Shepherds herding their sheep, in the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley, are chased out of the open pastures by Israeli forces citing various arguments, e.g., that the area is a closed military zone or belongs to one of the settlers.  The soldiers’ harassment of shepherds has become a daily occurrence in the Jordan Valley, which Israel is trying to empty of its Palestinian residents while increasing the settler population.

Guy Hirschfeld is a long-time member of Ta’ayush — an Israeli-Palestinian volunteer grassroots group founded during the Second Intifada, and one of the few groups of Israelis that regularly puts their bodies on the line in solidarity with Palestinians. Hirschfeld spends most of his days accompanying Palestinian shepherds in the Jordan Valley, where they regularly come under attack by settlers or the army.

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